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About us - our story

We're from beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Out here we know about weather, the outdoors and corrosion.

The thing about our products is, they just work.  Really well.  It's about as simple as that.  We hear words like "incredible", "fantastic", "better than anything I've tried" all the time.  So, we've put together a few things; customer quotes, pictures, etc. in the hopes we can communicate that simple message.  We hope it works.

“I recommend Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial to anyone for corrosion proofing…in my experience there is no better…it’s worth it“  Robert Lodge, Mckay Lodge Conservation laboratory, Oberlin, OH

Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films are high performance dielectric (40,000v), anti-corrosion, penetrant, anti-sieze and lubricant coatings that cure to form dynamic, non-hardening, dripless and self-healing film that:

  • Displaces/ repels moisture
  • Adheres like a "magnet to steel"
  • Shuts down corrosion and electrolysis 100%

Ship-2-Shore fluid films were developed in the early 1960’s as a solution to severe corrosion problems on mining equipment, electrical systems and steel cables used in the copper mining industry of Northern Ontario, Canada.

Because they worked so well and lasted so long, Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial were quickly adopted by the marine industry on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America to protect marine electronics, vessels, barges and deck equipment from constant corrosive attack of the extreme Northwest Pacific Ocean and coastal conditions.

Rising demand from customers around North America encouraged us to make Ship-2-Shore wet films more easily available in the USA.  For USA customers, product now ships from California.


What a few of our customers and friends have to say:


“We had constant corrosion issues with electric connections and panels throughout the marina…nothing seemed to work…in 1998 we did all electrics throughout the marina with Ship-2-Shore…since, we’ve had absolutely no problems”.....“In 2003 we did the same thing at our new marina…not a problem since…we always recommend Ship-2-Shore to our boaters”   Nanaimo marina manager, Nanaimo, B.C. July 2015


“We use Ship-2-Shore PLID on food processing, preparation and cooking equipment in the meat department, deli and bakeries of our supermarket customers…we use it all kinds of places but especially on VFD’s, circuit boards, connections and motors…they get wet and immediately start to corrode…it keeps them corrosion free…saves a ton of service calls and replacement parts…reduces equipment down time and saves our customer’s a ton of money”   Rodger Smelcer VP, United Service Technologies, Anahiem, CA


"My cockpit winches see a lot of salt and I service them regularly, but I have had trouble finding a grease that would do the trick…after the last cleaning in Darwin I tried three different lubricants to compare results...when I pulled the housing off of the Ship 2 Shore lubricated winch it looked as it did the day that I serviced it last…It seems incredible…”

“Thanks Ship-2-Shoreguys!”   Skipper Alice Woods, Campbell River, BC. World Circumnavigation, 2012   (See the video interview with Alice on the home page)


“All our shop guys use it…no service vehicle leaves here without a least one can”   Al, Service Manager, Williams Machinery, Vancouver BC


“We use PLID on all our tools and what-not. The guys like it because it lasts so long”   Lorne G., Canbuild Solutions, Nanaimo, B.C.


“Thanks for the excellent service!”

Purchasing, Victoria Shipyards/ Seaspan Marine Corp, Victoria BC


"The ability of Ship to Shore Industrial and PLID to neutralize the action of rust in difficult to paint and inaccessible areas present new possibilities for extending the life of steel vessels"

Simon Bancroft, False Creek Tugboats Ltd., Vancouver, BC


                         “I’ve not found better”

Terry Laing, Corrosion proofing since mid 1960’s, Victoria, BC


Our customers have found Ship-2-Shore wet films to be effective on marine electronics, circuit boards, lighting, electrical, connectors, switches, wires, motors, tools, machinery, insulated pipe, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, brass...fasteners, nuts, bolts, welds, seams, cracks, corners, crevices, voids, cofferdams…and use Ship-2-Shore on workboats, ships, barges, deck equipment, fish boats, naval vessels, coast guard vessels, navigation markers, marinas, fork lifts, trucks, wire rigging, anchor chain, chain winche and locker, bilge, keel, rudder, drive shaft tunnel, voids in double hull vessels, cofferdams on offshore structures...

We have customers that use Ship-2-Shore film as an effective rust inhibitor undercoat for cars, trucks, trailers, transport trucks and trailers, heavy equipment and RV's...it's also used widely in agriculture to prevent corrosion on electrical connectors, switches, control panels, wires and mechanical systems on tractors, tillage, planting, harvest and processing equipment...and on high voltage irrigation electrical panels, connectors, wires and switches...


PIC 09 - Ship-2-Shore Sprayer


Meet Terry.  He’s been in the corrosion proofing business since the mid 60’s.  He’s retired now but over the years he's done just about everything there is to do in corrosion proofing.

Terry’s used Ship-2-Shore since 1965.  Exclusively since 1980.  He’s also supplied Ship-2-Shore to a host of owners, contractors, conservators and others; all who agree…

“It’s the best! There’s no better rust and corrosion inhibitor than Ship-2-Shore”



In 1992 Terry spray applied Ship-2-Shore Industrial to the forepeak compartment of Seaspan Foam, a tugboat that operates between Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.  Look closely at the picture on the right.  It was taken in July 2014.  What you see is stains from rust prior to applying Ship-2-Shore Industrial thick film.  What you don't see is any new rust.  Even the welds and new metal done in 1992 have not discolored.  That's after more than 20 years.  This is just one of many similar stories.  The point is Ship-2-Shore wet films work, really well and last a long time.  Even under the most difficult conditions.


PIC 10 - Ship-2-Shore Seaspan FoamPIC 11 - Ship-2-Shore Rusted Hull


Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films corrosion proof and lubricate electric connections, electronics, motors, machinery, tools, winches, chain, wire rope, insulated pipe, firearms, fishing reels, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Iron, brass…

Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial are environment friendly, user safe and clean up with soap and water

They're safe enough that Ship-2-Shore films are approved for food processing equipment and facilities (not for use on food contact surfaces) by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films are also Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard Service proven.  Industry Canada approved and listed.

PIC 14 - Ship-2-Shore Navy

Royal Canadian Navy; a regular customer since 1995

PIC 15 - Ship-2-Shore Coast Guard Ship

Canadian Coast Guard Service; a regular customer since 1996.










“Ship-2-Shore’s awesome”

Forces Member, Deck Crew, HMCS Winnipeg, Royal Canadian Navy


A deck crew essential: deck equipment & tools; on-board electronics; electric connections; motors; anchor chain and chain lockers; winches; wire rope; voids…


PIC 16 - Ship-2-Shore BridgeSince 2001, Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial have been a part of the City of Ottawa, Canada, Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program.

Our hometown. City of Victoria, Vancouver Island (Wet coast), B.C. Canada. Keeping city traffic and street light wiring, connections and housings corrosion free.





“This sample has been out in the weather for about 18 months…the heavy rust area was bare steel…you can see the effects of corrosion…the darker heavier product is Ship-2-Shore Industrial…it is amazing to see where the Ship-2-Shore was removed…the steel is in perfect condition…”  Lawrence Gilbert, Pluracom Atlantic Ltd., Distributor, Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada


Use Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films on nuts & bolts, fasteners, joints, seams, welds, cracks & crevices, voids, electric connections, electronics, tools & equipment, motors, machinery, insulated pipe…


“If you need to stop rust and corrosion…you need Ship-2-Shore”


"We have been using Ship-2-Shore for about four or five years now, and are very pleased with the results.  We use it on the tugs and barges in all the void spaces... We also use it on the trucks and forklifts that go on the barges, on all exposed areas.  There is no rust period on any of this equipment".                     Neil Watson, Inlet Navigation, Campbell River, BC.                       



"My cockpit winches see a lot of salt and I service them regularly, but I have had trouble finding a grease that would do the trick. After the last cleaning in Darwin I tried three different lubricants to compare results...when I pulled the housing off of the Ship 2 Shore lubricated winch it looked as it did the day that I serviced it last…It seems incredible…the lubricant did not appear to have been impacted by the crossing, which due to so much cross swell was quite wet...the others left gummy residues, were hardly lubricating and were no longer coating much of the gears and electrolysis was starting where salt water contacted the metals"

“Thanks Ship-2-Shore guys!”

             Skipper Alice Woods, Campbell River, BC World Circumnavigation 2012

           (See the video interview with Alice on the main page)


Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films provide reliable, cost effective, long-term corrosion protection.

Preferred by shipyards, boat builders and restorers, contractors, vessel owners and operators, deck crews, diesel mechanics, service technicians, barge owners and operators…

…Trucking company mechanics, heavy equipment operators and mechanics, fork lift mechanics and service companies, auto mechanics, builders, car restorers, vehicle rust proofers, food equipment service technicians, food processing facilities, electrical contractors, outdoors lighting & sign companies…

…farm equipment, mining, oil and gas…


Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC.  British Columbia's capital city.  Know around the world as "The Garden City"