The ultimate rust inhibitor for cars, trucks and trailers. Easy-to-apply with an airless sprayer, brush or roller. Penetrates under existing rust and acts as a descaler. Polar bonds to metal, like a magnet to steel, and creeps into hard to reach areas. Leaves a long lasting protective barrier against salt and corrosion.



Available in 2 sizes.                   20l/5Gal. Pail.                   205L/55 Gal. Drum


S2S Rust Protector is a self-healing lubricant that stops rust by polar bonding to metal and displacing water and oxygen. For more than 30 years, S2S corrosion preventive coatings have been successfully protecting marine vessels and heavy equipment in the harshest environments. S2S Rust Protector is proven to prevent rust and corrosion caused by sea spray, fog and extreme weather. It lasts longer than other anti-corrosion applications and has dielectric properties that enable it to halt electrolysis. S2S is non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe for the environment.

Available in 3 sizes.       6.3 oz Spray Can       20l/5Gal. Pail.        205L/55 Gal. Drum


S2S Multi-Use spray combines a rust inhibitor, penetrant, lubricant and dielectric in one multi-use formula. It acts as a liquid de-scaler and polar bonds to metal to form a long lasting, self-healing, protective barrier from rust.
One application provides a thin coating of 1-4 mils, resulting in excellent penetrant and anti-seize capabilities. Apply it directly to circuit boards and battery terminals to prevent corrosion. S2S is non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Available in 3 sizes.       6.3 oz Spray Can       20l/5Gal. Pail.        205L/55 Gal. Drum


Our 5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion wipes are a convenient new way to protect everyday metal surfaces from rust while leaving a clean, polished finish. Great for everyday maintenance of high traffic areas.

  1. Cleans
  2. Inhibits rust
  3. Penetrates beneath the surface
  4. Leave a micro-barrier that is dry to the touch
  5. Dielectric to 40 kV; stops electrolysis

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