At Ship 2 Shore, rust prevention is our specialty. Due to popular demand, we expanded our line of products to include corrosion preventive coatings for automotive, locomotive and heavy equipment. We understand the importance of protecting your assets from unsightly rust and pitting. If left untreated, rust spreads, resulting in mechanical problems and costly repairs. S2S lubricants polar bond to metal, like a magnet to steel and creep under existing rust to act as a descaler and anti-seize. S2S is proven to stop corrosion and resist splash and spray, even in the most corrosive environments. 


Our new Undercarriage Rust Proofing provides the same long lasting corrosion prevention that our heavy marine customers have come to trust. It can be easily applied with an airless sprayer, roller or brush and is non-toxic.

Even during transport and storage, equipment is susceptible to corrosion. Protect your assets by mothballing them with S2S PLID Thin Film. When applied as a fogging agent, S2S will protect your equipment from rust and pitting corrosion. It bonds to metal for long lasting adhesion and is easy to remove with a high pH soap and water when your equipment is ready for use.



PLID Thin Film Aerosol 

5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion wipes


At Ship 2 Shore we strive to provide corrosion solutions that meet the individual needs of organizations. Please contact us today for a personalized consultation.

S2S HD being sprayed under a transport truck

From protecting undercarriages to battery terminals, S2S is the solution

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