Waste Water Barge – After Use

This area had been submerged in waste water for approximately four months, from August to the end of December 2002, when they finally got pumped out and hosed down. But now there is no rusting here, the Ship-2-Shore coating is 100% intact.

With the barge back in service, there was a layer of slime remaining after pumping and hosing out and as far as could be determined the Ship-2-Shore coating was totally intact as there was no sign of rusting. The photo above shows the layer of slime coating most of the interior. I ran my finger through it in January 2003.

When this application was done the metal was damp, there were oxides on the surface of the metal. These rust marks are the result of Ship-2-Shore displacing this moisture, containing oxides, away from the metal. The moisture has evaporated off leaving the oxides behind. This is a good thing and a clearly demonstrates Ship-2-Shore's ability to displace moisture.

The photo below shows that waste water sat in this compartment for over four months; things are really slimy but no rusting any where. Ship-2-Shore has formed a very protective barrier under the slime.

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