Rusting of Structural Steel at Grade Public Walkway August 2005

The location is the West Bay walkway around a marine harbour waterfront in Victoria BC.

These posts get direct spray from the ocean causing rusting at grade and below. Our objective is to stop the rusting and prevent future rusting.

This is one of the posts we cleaned and coated...

How it looked originally Simple Tools to dig the moat.


We filled this moat with Ship-2-Shore "PLID" which will migrate down the steel below grade. We also put some higher up the post where we will be using it as a primer before we paint over it. (PLID is a highly effective penetrating, moisture displacing rust inhibitor with a strong attraction to metal).

Prepped ready for PLID. PLID fills the moat.


We topped up this moat with PLID as necessary every week or so, until an estimated cup or so had penetrated below grade. We waited until the moat was again empty then filled it with Ship-2-Shore Industrial (a thick long lasting water resistant rust inhibitor).

Additional PLID penetrates. Ready for fiberglass ring.

We covered the moat with a thin fiberglass sheet cut to fit around the base of the posts secured with clear silicone, not to seal the join but to secure the sheet in place. It is not required to be water tight. This covering provides a mechanical barrier to prevent water wash-out due to heavy rains and provides UV protection.

Lots of Industrial around the base
and under the covering.
PLID as a primer under
the touched up paint.

When painting we allowed the paint to flow over the Industrial below. I have since been back to check things over and observed that the paint has formed a tough hard coat over the Ship-2-Shore Industrial. This economical procedure works well for any size steel structure, parkade or problem with rebar rusting.

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