SeaSpan Tug Boat Lazarette

The lazarette, or steering compartment, under the hatch (indicated by the blue arrow) in the back of this SeaSpan tug is subjected to stressed metal (dents), heat and humidity, wet and cold. This is quite an aggressive environment.


The lazarette had been painted in 1990.

When I entered in 1994 there was already a very active rust stain coming from behind this angle iron. Without preparation, although the metal was wet, I painted Ship-2-Shore INDUSTRIAL into the weld.  I rubbed the rust stain off in two spots.

Two years later in 1996 I took the first picture of this series.


Nothing crossed the top rub off, a slight stain is visible crossing the lower rub off proving this was very active at the time of INDUSTRIAL application.


1998 nothing has crossed the top rub off, the stain on the lower rub off has almost faded away, proving it is no longer being fed (the tear of a dying rust cell).


In October of 1999, five and a half years after application, there are no new rust stains. Behind the angle iron there seems to be as much Ship-2-Shore INDUSTRIAL remaining as when it was applied in 1994. This is performance! This is cheap maintenance so simple it's hard to believe.

The photo below was taken in February 2004. Still nothing has crossed. This is proof that the rusting has been stopped 100%


In 10 Years no rust appeared... not bad for one application of Ship-2-Shore. The application took 5 minutes, and no preparation or skill was required.

The photo below was taken August 2009.


This is why repair yards don't want you using Ship-2-Shore.
No rusting after 15 years!Rust04s