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Floatcoat – PLID

  Ship 2 Shore Float Coat Ship-2-Shore  Float Coat is highly effective as a rust inhibitor when applied to difficult to access surfaces using several floatation methods.  Stop rust, corrosion and electrolysis 100%   Made for Industry   Highly resistant to salt water and salt spray,  Float Coat penetrates existing rust, displaces moisture and sticks…
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PLID Thin Film

PLID Thin Film Ultimate in dielectric moisture and anti corrosion protection for electrical, electronics, circuit boards, control panels, wires, connectors, switches, lighting, motors, machinery, tools, equipment...   Made for industry   Available in 180 g Aerosol spray &  20 litre pail, 205 litre drum (Float Coat)     “We use it on just about everything”…
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Industrial Thick Film

Industrial Thick Film Made for Industry   Heavy duty thick film coating.  Ultimate in dielectric moisture and anti corrosion protection. Long lasting thick film corrosion inhibitor that coats and protects, displaces moisture - waterproofs, adheres like a "magnet to steel" and stops rust, corrosion  and electrolysis 100%   “We had constant corrosion issues with electric…
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