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S2S is a dielectric fluid thin film that cures as a dynamic and non-hardening, dripless and self healing coating. S2S films make excellent general purpose anti-corrosion, water proofing, penetrant, anti-sieze, high pressure lubricant

S2S fluid thin film remains wet (wet film), never hardening, allowing base metal to expand and contract without cracking or separation.  S2S films migrate to fill cracks, scrapes, joints, seams and voids.  Native electromagnetic attraction to base metal ensures S2S films displace moisture and penetrate corrosion and contaminants.

S2S PLID will not conduct current at 40,020 volts (S2S Industrial tested to 8920 volts) or less nor permit electrolysis.  Ideal for electrical, electronics, lighting, wire, motors, tools, machinery, insulated pipe, oil & gas, etc.

Ideal for marine: vessels & barges, deck equipment, bilge, keel, voids, drive shaft tunnel, engine compartment, lazzarette, sponsons, fore peak, rudder (float coat), anchor chain, chain locker, winch…

Corrosion proof, waterproof and lubricate: electronics, electrical, circuit boards, lighting, radios, wire, connectors, switches, motors, machinery, transformers, tools & equipment, chain drives, vehicles, semi-trucks & trailers, firearms…nuts, bolts & fasteners, joints, seams, welds, cracks, crevices, voids, insulated pipe, steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, tin, iron, and copper.

Yes.  Ship-2-Shore films are dielectric to 40,000 volts and shut down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.

S2S films with aerosol spray as supplied or brush, airless paint sprayer, roller or mop. S2S Void and Rudder Float Coat can applied using a water float process or you can fill a void and drain it with the product.

Little preparation is required.  Ensure no loose debris present and apply.  S2S can be applied to damp surfaces – displaces water – and will penetrate existing scale.  Heavy flaky rust scale and loose paint should be removed as it will start falling off after a few weeks/months taking S2S with it leaving a dry, unprotected surface which may require a touch-up.

S2S films are well known to be long lasting.  Depending on the environment and specific application PLID aerosol can last up to two years, PLID bulk up to five years and Industrial 10 years or longer.  There are many applications S2S Industrial continues to perform after more than 20 years.

Yes.  S2S films are certified Green Marine and are non-hazardous, non flammable nor toxic to fish in low concentration.  They contain only a small percentage solvent (9%) with 91% active ingredient.  Ship-2-Shore PLID aerosol uses propane as a propellant.  Propane is flammable and can explode, as with any aerosol product.  Handle with care.  Refer to PLID Aerosol MSDS.

Float coat is a method used to apply  rust inhibitor to difficult or unsafe to access voids, tanks, rudders, etc.  S2S Float Coat has an attraction to steel much like a magnet.  It can be “floated” into or on water to coat those areas (sides and tops) that are difficult to access or apply a rust inhibitor coating.

S2S is not formulated to remove rust.  When applied S2S will stop oxidation 100%.  It will penetrate rust and corrosion scale to the base metal, loosening and easing removal.

No.  But, Ship-2-Shore films can be applied to those surfaces and areas prone to condensation and dampness to prevent rust and corrosion occurring.

S2SP products can be applied over paint as a “wet film” corrosion protective coating for deck equipment on vessels or equipment operating in other corrosive environments.  S2S films migrate into cracks and chips in paint to prevent rusting.  While PLID looks red in the bottle and Industrial brown, both cure transparent.  S2S films will not fade or discolor paint.

S2S can be removed with a good bio-degradable cleaner, high alkaline detergent, mild solvent and high pressure washer.

S2S  makes an excellent light duty gun oil for regular cleanings after use.  Use Ship-2-Shore Industrial as your heavy oil for more thorough cleaning that requires a superior corrosion inhibitor and lubricant.  An excellent, long lasting, corrosion & waterproofing lubricant for fishing reels as well.  You can go to www.S2Sgunlube.com to purchase gun lube and gun wipes.

Of course it’s always best to weld before applying S2S films but unfortunately stuff happens.  S2S films require up to 48 hours for solvent to “flash” off, dissipate and the film to cure.  Ensure enclosed spaces are properly ventilated.  Once the product has cured it is safe to weld.  However, it is always advisable to have a fire watch and undertake appropriate precautions when welding metal coated with S2S films.

S2S films are rated non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-toxic to fish (96-HL C50 bio-assay).  They are a class 3 flammable with no special precautions required.  *Please note – S2S PLID Aerosol use propane as the propellant.  Propane is flammable and can explode, as with any aerosol product.  Handle with care.  Refer to PLID Aerosol MSDS.

S2S films are not compatible with oxidizing agents: eg. chlorine, liquid nitrogen and others. Natural rubber such as found in car door seals and butyl, which can be used to hold and seal auto windshields in place. Other rubber products such as seals may swell slightly but no deterioration should occur. A slight amount applied to old or hard rubber seals may help to rejuvenate them.

Yes, PLID has been sprayed onto computer boards, into alternators, generators, fuse panels, breakers etc. with excellent results, corrosion has been prevented and these units continue to operate fine. Industrial or PLID applied in electrical plugs has prevented corrosion and eliminated intermittent electrical problems. CAUTION: When applying with Aerosol the propellant is flammable, ensure electrical devices that may cause a spark are turned off when applying. A spark may cause an explosion or fire. b. Avoid spraying friction devices like drive belts and clutches, avoid computer screens and speakers.

Yes.  S2S  makes an excellent wire rope dressing.  It will penetrate to the core of the wire, inhibit rust and provide lubrication.

S2S PLID is an extreme pressure lubricant and is suitable for high load applications such as chains, fishing reels etc. S2S Industrial is a good general-purpose lube not only lubricating but preventing rust at the same time. 

Not recommended.  A light coating of PLID or Industrial can be painted over using a spray application; the paint will not be tightly adhered so it should not be done where abrasion or foot traffic is expected.

S2S Industrial in an aggressive environment exposed to constant water wash, estimate four years.  When exposed to direct all day UV’s (sun), three to five years or more. Ballast water tanks, four.  When ballast tanks are empty some water usually remains in the bottom splashing around with the motion of the ship causing water wash, the bottom and one or two feet up the sides may require reapplication every four years.  Preparation before reapplication should be minimal.  Inside the hull of a barge or ship: twenty-five years Rust FREE and counting.  S2S  “Float Coat” is utilized in hollow rudders, sponsons and other.

Coating thickness: S2S Industrial 2 – 10 mils. Surfaces free of rust scale and heavy dirt, 2 – 5 mils is adequate.  Aggressive environments like direct sun exposure, rain and wind may need a heavier coat of 5 to 10 mils.  When old, very dry looking metal is coated, ensure a little extra S2S is applied as it will soak into the pores of the old metal.  S2S PLID – thin penetrant, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, with a  Dielectric of 40,000 volts.  When applying or floating through a small crack or opening several applications may be required as the necessary volume of material cannot get through the opening at one time to cover the entire inside surface.

A rust cell is similar to a battery; there is an anode, cathode and a path for current.  A transfer of electrons takes place causing reduction in the metal thickness.  S2S films eliminate the path for electrons (water for instance), scavenging oxygen from the surface leaving an ultra-thin, semi liquid, dielectric barrier coating that acts as a liquid insulator. preventing the transfer of electrons and thereby shutting down the rust cell.

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