HD Thick Film

HD Thick Film

Made for Industry


Heavy duty thick film coating.  Ultimate in dielectric moisture and anti corrosion protection.

Long lasting thick film corrosion inhibitor that coats and protects, displaces moisture - waterproofs, adheres like a "magnet to steel" and stops rust, corrosion  and electrolysis 100%


“We had constant corrosion issues with electric connections and panels throughout the marina…nothing seemed to work…in 1998 we did all electrics throughout the marina with Ship-2-Shore…since, we’ve had absolutely no problems”

“In 2003 we did the same thing at our new marina…not a problem since…we always recommend Ship-2-Shore to our boaters”   Nanaimo marina manager, Nanaimo, B.C. July 2015



"We have been using Ship-2-Shore for about four or five years now, and are very pleased with the results...We use it on the tugs and barges in all the void spaces... We also use it on the trucks and forklifts that go on the barges, on all exposed areas...There is no rust period on any of this equipment".    Neil Watson, Inlet Navigation, Campbell River, BC.                                                  


Available in: 20 litre pail, 205 litre drum


When applied, Ship-2-Shore HD Fluid Thick Film cures to a thick, long lasting, clear, dynamic and non-hardening, dripless and self-healing film

  • .  Shuts down electrolysis.  Safe for electrical, electronics, lighting, motors and machinery.  Always power off before applying.
  • Displaces & repels moisture - waterproofs.  Not a sealant: no tar, wax, lanolin or silicone
  • Superior adhesion to metal like a "magnet to steel" prevents oxygen contacting base metal.  Stops rust and corrosion 100%.  Makes an excellent high pressure lubricant.
  • Penetrates existing rust and corrosion scale.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.  No preparation required.  Ensure no debris present and apply.  Superior to any rust remover, rust converter or grease.
  • Self-healing: migrates, penetrates and bonds to base metal filling scrapes, cracks, pits, joints, seams and voids.  Can be applied over paint or other hard coating.
  • Approved for food processing, food service, food retail equipment and facilities.  Not for use on food contact zones.
  • Industry Canada approved under Government Military spec MIL-C-16173E, GRADE V, CLASS 1.  Specified as anti corrosion lubricant coating for anchor chain and chain locker.
  • Shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.  Corrosion proof and water proof: electronics, circuit boards, lighting, electrical, wire, connectors, switches, motors, machinery, transformers, tools & equipment, chain drives, nuts, bolts & fasteners, joints, seams, welds, cracks, crevices, voids, insulated pipe.
  • Ship-2-Shore Industrial thick film is extremely resistant to salt water and salt spray.  Use ship-2-Shore on steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, tin, iron, copper.
  • Corrosion resistant protection for Canadian mining and marine industries since 1965.
  • Environment friendly and user safe.  Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic to fish.  Low VOC's.  Does not get "gummy".  Does not attract dust and dirt.  Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Comes in 20L pail (5gal), 205 L drum (55gal)


Apply Ship-2-Shore HD with brush, roller, airless paint sprayer or mop.  Recommended thickness 2-4ml with coverage of 125-250 sq ft. per 4 litres.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.  Cures in 24 to 48 hours.  Ventilate while curing.  Can be applied over paint.  Remove with high pressure washer, high alkaline detergent, bio-degradable cleaner or mild solvent.

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film makes an excellent heavy duty anti corrosion and lubricant film coating for anchor chain, chain locker, chain winch, wire rope and rigging, vessel and barge bilge, drive shaft tunnel, engine compartment, lazarette, deck equipment, etc. 

Ship-2-Shore Industrial makes "way more sense then paint" or other hard coatings that crack, chip, peal and rust.  That's why the Navy likes it so much!  It's cost effective and long lasting.  No one should be painting anchor chain anymore nor leave them unprotected or unlubricated.

Can also be used effectively on electrical connectors and electronics, insulated pipe and wire.


"Ultimate in moisture and anti corrosion protection"


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  • For best results: Apply PLID thin film first to penetrate. For long lasting corrosion protection, coat with Ship-2-Shore Industrial thick film.  Ensure no loose debris present then apply with aerosol spray, brush, airless paint sprayer, or mop.  Environment Friendly and user safe.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Industry Canada approved.  Navy and Coast Guard proven.
  • Made in Canada.  Product ships from Canada and USA.


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