S2S corrosion preventive coatings are long lasting lubricants and penetrants that bond to metal, like a magnet to steel, displacing water and oxygen and shutting down rust cells. They are dielectric to 40,000 volts, halt electrolysis and prevent corrosion caused by dissimilar metals. All S2S products are easy-to-use and can be applied over existing rust and paint. Unlike hard coatings, they penetrate beneath the surface, offering several advantages:

  • Create a dynamic, self-healing barrier
  • Protect and lubricate wire cables to the core
  • Creep beneath existing rust and descale
  • Create a thin, even, dripless, long-lasting barrier
  • Lubricate and loosen seized bolts, hinges and latches
  • No sandblasting required

S2S anti-corrosion products really work. Check out our case studies to learn what our customers have to say.

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