S2S corrosion preventive coatings are made for industry, formulated to withstand extreme environmental conditions while remaining affordable, safe and easy-to-use. S2S products are long lasting penetrants and lubricants with excellent anti-seize capabilities. They polar bond to all metals, even over existing rust and paint and require no surface preparation or sandblasting. 


Our #1 goal is to help you protect your assets from rust and corrosion. If left untreated, over time the structural integrity of metal becomes affected resulting in functional problems, safety concerns and costly repairs. To help you win the battle against rust, we offer an extensive line of products. Here are a few ways we can help:


  • Before putting your equipment into storage, apply a coating of S2S Industrial Thick Film as a long term solution to keep the metal lubricated and rust free for years, it bonds to metal but is easy to remove with a high pH soap and water. 
  • Keep wire cables lubricated and rust free with our Wire Cable Corrosion Control. 
  • Use S2S Anti-Corrosion Tape to prevent pitting and corrosion on flanges and pipes. It requires no primer and outlasts the leading competitor. 
  • S2S Piping Flush is a safe and easy way to treat the inside of piping systems. It leaves a self-healing wet film that penetrates and descales existing rust. Perfect for sprinkler systems and other non-potable piping systems. 
  • When added to your regular maintenance program, our 5 in 1 wipes will keep your manufacturing equipment and engine room clean and polished. It leaves a micro-film barrier that prevents rust and repels dust.


Piping Flush

PLID Wrap Anti-Corrosion Tape 

Wire Cable Corrosion Control

Industrial Thick Film 

5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion wipes 


PLID Thin Film (fogging agent)


At Ship 2 Shore we strive to provide corrosion solutions that meet the individual needs of organizations. Please contact us today for a personalized consultation.

S2S films protect in the harshest of environments

S2S lubricates and penetrates to the core of wire cable

S2S is Canadian food certified and can be applied to food processing equipment below the belt

Contact us today for your personalized consultation.

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