A global leader in marine corrosion preventive solutions.

The corrosive marine environment wreaks havoc on expensive assets. Exposure to saltwater, sea spray and fog causes metal parts to rust and seize. If left untreated, the structural integrity of the metal is affected resulting in functional problems, safety concerns and costly repairs. Ship voids, rudders, anchor chains, cables and electronics are a few areas of ongoing concern.

Ship 2 Shore has been protecting marine assets in the Pacific Northwest for more than twenty years. We offer an extensive line of rust inhibitors to protect every area of the ship. S2S products work by polar bonding to metal, like a magnet to steel, and displacing water and oxygen. They have dielectric properties and prevent corrosion caused by dissimilar metals. All S2S products are safe, easy-to-use and can be applied to damp, rusted and painted surfaces.

    5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion Wipes

    Anchor Chain Corrosion Control

    Corrosion Shield

    Di-Electric Spray

    HD Corrosion Shield

    PLID Wrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

    Void & Rudder Float Coat

    Wire Rope Corrosion Control