Governments invest billions of dollars annually into infrastructure. Buildings, roads, bridges and utilities, such as water treatment plants and power generating stations, are all necessary to keep society running smoothly. Unfortunately, over time rust and corrosion take their toll. If left untreated, the structural integrity of metal structures is affected resulting in functional problems, safety concerns and costly repairs. According to NACE International, the global cost of corrosion is approximately 3% of the global GDP. S2S offers an extensive line of corrosion preventive coatings that are guaranteed to extend the longevity of costly infrastructure, saving governments money. 


Bridge and Steel           

PLID Wrap Anti-Corrosion Tape 

Wire Rope Corrosion Control 

5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion wipes 

At Ship 2 Shore we strive to provide corrosion solutions that meet the individual needs of organizations. Please contact us today for a personalized consultation. 

S2S is safe to apply over fish bearing streams

S2S is preserving space shuttle Explorer’s engine standing at the Kennedy Space Center

S2S has been applied on 911 memorials in Manhattan

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