The Oil & Gas Industry spends billions of dollars annually on maintenance resulting from rust and corrosion. We offer a range of specialized anti-corrosion lubricants formulated to protect equipment, pipes, void spaces, machinery and electrical components, saving your organization time and money by reducing maintenance costs associated with turnarounds and shutdowns.

Even during transport and storage, equipment is susceptible to corrosion. Protect your assets by mothballing your equipment with S2S Industrial Thick Film. When applied as a fogging agent, S2S will protect your equipment from rust and pitting corrosion. It polar bonds to metal, like a magnet to steel, and is easy to remove with a high pH soap and water when your equipment is ready for use. 

S2S offers specialized products to protect offshore equipment from corrosion, such as anchor chains, ballast tanks and other void spaces. Our Void and Rudder Float Coat is eco-friendly, requires no surface preparation and eliminates the need to work in confined spaces. 

S2S anti-corrosion coatings bond to metal to form an even, protective film that acts as an electric insulator, shutting down electrolysis and preventing corrosion caused by dissimilar metals. They have excellent penetrant capabilities and are ideal for unseizing corroded wellheads, flanges and valves.

Void and Rudder Float Coat

Anchor Chain Corrosion Control    

PLID Wrap Anti-Corrosion Tape 

Wire Rope Corrosion Control 

5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion wipes

PLID Thin Film


At Ship 2 Shore we strive to provide corrosion solutions that meet the individual needs of organizations. Please contact us today for a personalized consultation.

Offshore, S2S will protect anchor mooring systems and voids with no need to sandblast

No need to cut-off well studs, simply spray S2S and loosen with ease

S2S anti-corrosion tapes will substantially extend the life of pipes. Our tapes can be ordered in custom colors

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