Industrial HD

Our toughest, longest lasting rust inhibitor.


Tote - 1000 L / 264 gal

Drum - 205 L / 55 gal (NSN 6850-20-004-9126)

Pail - 20 L / 5 gal

Medmix cartridges - 750x750mL


S2S Industrial HD is Ship 2 Shore’s thickest, longest lasting formula. After 1000 hours in the ASTM B117-18 salt spray test, S2S Industrial HD remained intact with fresh metal under the thick coating. Recommended for harsh environments or in areas where you simply want to coat an area and have it protected for decades.


  • Bilges
  • Mixing rooms
  • Intake and out take
  • Tank preservation
  • Anchor chain and lockers
  • Retractable chock
  • General deck equipment


  • 1000+ hours without corrosion in ASTM B117-18 Salt Spray Chamber Test
  • Ultra low VOCs & Zinc-Free
  • Dielectric strength 3,200 volts
  • Stops electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals
  • Rubber compatible to ASTM D471 standards
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Safe on batteries, electrical and electronics
  • Can be applied to damp, rusted and painted surfaces
  • Removes easily with high pH detergent


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