PIC 30 - Ship-2-Shore Circuit

Dielectric 40,000 volts, displaces moisture – waterproofs, adheres like a “magnet to steel”, shuts down corrosion and electrolysis 100%.

Key to any corrosion control strategy, Ship-2-Shore film is dynamic, non-hardening, dripless and self-healing. It adheres like a magnet to steel.  Ship-2-Shore film is well suited to a wide range of uses on-board ships and offshore structures.  Ship-2-Shore films make excellent general purpose corrosion inhibitor, water proofing, penetrant, anti-seize and lubricant.


Prevent premature failure of electrical, electronics, circuit boards, connectors, switches, wires, motors

  • Rust is a never ending battle.  Water gets into everything, even the most robust components and fixtures.  Almost 50% of all electric, electronic and mechanical component failures are caused by corrosion.
  • Corrosion in electric, electronic and mechanical components is insidious and cannot be readily detected.  When corrosion failure occur, it is often dismissed as just a failure and the part or component is replaced.  The most common reason for corrosion-related failure is atmospheric humidity, condensation and environmental contaminants (dust, dirt, salt, etc.).
  • Extend service life.  Improve operating efficiency.  Reduce downtime, service & repair costs.  Save on replacement part costs.  Ship-2-Shore anti-corrosion films shut down electrolysis between dissimilar metals and stop rust and corrosion 100%
  • Corrosion inhibitor/ lubricant for Canadian mining and marine industries since 1960’s.  Industry Canada approved.  Navy and Coast Guard proven.


“Ship-2-Shore is awesome! …we use it on just about everything”  Canadian Forces Member, Deck Crew, HMCS Winnipeg


Ship-2-Shore Wet Films are made for Industry

  • 40,000v Dielectric, high performance long lasting protection from moisture and corrosive contaminants.  No cracking, chipping or separation.  Can be used on bare metal and to protect exposed metal where paint or other coatings and seals have cracked, chipped, separated or are not present.  Can be applied over paint.  Ship-2-Shore films are penetrant and migrate to base metal.  Resist splash, spray and complete submersion.  Ideal for exposed surfaces, insulated pipe and wire.
  • When applied, Ship-2-Shore films cure to form dynamic and non-hardening, dripless and self-healing coatings.  Often referred to as wet film.  Ship-2-Shore films adhere like a “magnet to steel” to prevent oxygen contacting base metal and shut down rust and corrosion 100%.  Make excellent high pressure lubricant.  Do not attract dust and dirt nor turn “gummy”.
  • Corrosion proof and waterproof electronics, circuit boards, lighting, electrical, wire, connectors, switches, motors, machinery, tools and equipment, nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners, hinges, joints, seams, welds, cracks, voids, etc…
  • Shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals.  Use Ship-2-Shore on steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, iron, copper.
  • Environment friendly.  A little goes a long way and lasts.  Ship-2-Shore films are classified non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-toxic.  Approved for food processing, food service, food retail equipment and facilities.

Available in two formulations

Ship-2-Shore PLID  Thin Film ( 40,000v dielectric ) –  Makes an excellent thin, extreme penetrating, all purpose anti-corrosion, anti-seize and high pressure lubricant film.  Ideal for electrical, electronics, circuit boards and mechanical.  Float Coat PLID for difficult to access cofferdam voids, void between double hulls, tanks, rudder void, keel, etc.

Comes in:

  • 180 gram (6oz) aerosol spray (case of 12)  *most popular product
  • 20 litre pail (5 gal)
  • 205 litre drum (55 gal)

Apply with aerosol spray, brush, mop, airless paint sprayer or floatation method.  1 litre covers up to 100 sq ft.  Apply to bare metal, over paint or other hard coatings.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film ( 8920v dielectric ) –  “thick” heavy duty, anti-corrosion, high pressure lubricant wet film coating.  Ideal for long lasting corrosion protection under difficult, extreme conditions and just about anything else.  Suitable for workboats, barges, ships, anchor chain, wire rope, offshore structures, deck equipment, electrical, vehicle corrosion preventive undercoat, etc.

Comes in:

  • 180 gram (6oz) aerosol spray (case of 12)  *most popular product
  • 20 litre pail (5 gal)
  • 205 litre drum (55 gal)

Apply with brush, cloth, mop or airless paint sprayer.  1 litre (1 quart) covers up to 50 sq ft.  Apply to bare metal, over paint or other hard coatings.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.

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