December 2012

Hey guys...I am a Canadian woman skipper circumnavigating with all woman crews.

I used to work for the Canadian Coast Guard as a Lightkeeper at Chatham Pt. When I left Campbell River to head west, I bought Ship-2-Shore Industrial and PLID ....I knew I wanted these aboard. For some
applications, I cannot think of anything else that comes even close.

My cockpit winches see a lot of salt and I service them regularly, but I have had trouble finding a grease that would do the trick. After the last cleaning in Darwin I tried three different lubricants to compare

We used Product A, Product B (purchased in Darwin) and Ship 2 Shore. 3 months later, in S. Africa I serviced the winches again.

Product A had left a gummy residue and was hardly lubricating and was no longer coating much of the gears, electrolysis was starting where salt water contacted the metals.

Product B had lost much of its volume, though there was still a film protecting the metals it also was becoming sticky and not lubricating well.

I would like you to know that when I pulled the housing off of the Ship 2 Shore lubricated winch it looked as it did the day that I serviced it last. It seems incredible. The lubricant did not appear to have been impacted by the crossing, which due to so much cross swell was quite wet.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your product.
I have also used Ship 2 Shore to protect my anchor chain.

I use PLID to stop corrosion at the stainless fittings to aluminum.

I am having trouble with a lot of fastenings which it appears were not isolated. If I apply it on a hot day it gets drawn into the joints and appears to stop the corrosion.

Thank you again for your beautiful products. You should be proud of your work.

Alice Woods

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