We received this note from one of the largest Tug and Barge companies on the BC coast who have been using the Ship-2-Shore rust inhibitors since 1998. I spoke to Paul and he says they are using the PLID in aerosol on tugboat winch controls (bronze and brass) with excellent success. No more seized valves.

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RE: Voice Mail Message Tuesday Sept 5th 2000Dear Terry

Regarding preparation of steelwork before application of Ship to Shore.

We basically needle gun all heavy scale/rust, coat the affected areas with a Rust Converter, allow for curing of Converter as per manufacturers recommendations, overcoat the Converter with a cheap (Grey) primer and then apply your product (Ship To Shore).

We have performed this application in the shaft tunnels, bilges (Engine Room & Aft Holds) and chain lockers on 3 vessels up to this date, "success rate is excellent".

Regards Paul

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