Over the past century, society has become increasingly dependent on electrical systems and electronics for everyday essential activities such as transportation, heating/refrigeration, banking and communication. As a result, governments and utility providers have come under increasing pressure to minimize power disruptions. Exposure to extreme weather and corrosive contaminants wreak havoc on the electrical grid and public transportation systems causing failures and electrical outages. Power plants, transmission lines, electronics, circuit boards and electrical boxes are a few areas of ongoing concern. 


S2S corrosion preventive coatings provide high performance protection from water and corrosive contaminants. S2S works by polar bonding to metal, like a magnet to steel and creating a thin, protective barrier that displaces water and oxygen. It penetrates and creeps into hard to reach areas providing excellent lubrication and anti seize capabilities, is dielectric up to 40,000 volts and stops electrolysis.


S2S offers an extensive line of anti-corrosion lubricants that are ideal for electronics, radios, circuit boards, electric motors, conductors, connectors, contacts, electric connections, wires, fasteners, battery terminals and electrical boxes.




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Circuit board from a Canadian Coast Guard ship’s radio that had been waterproofed with S2S and subsequently sunk in the arctic. The circuit board is corrosion free.

Keeps motors, switches, and machinery lubricated and rust free

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