S2S penetrates deep into steel cables, lubricates, prevents corrosion, dielectric to 40020 volts..

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S2S Max HD for the most extreme corrosive environments on the planet...

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Salt water resistant, long lasting, Navy and Coast Guard proven...

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Mothball Valuable Equipment, Keep Vales Operational and Equipment Lubricated and Corrosion Free...

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Rail Cars, Keeps Gates and Valves Fully Operational and Corrosion free, Even After Sitting in a Rail Yard For Years..

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Stop rust, corrosion and electrolysis 100% - prevent costly premature failure of electric, electronic and mechanical components, tools and equipment – Corrosion proof Ship-2-Shore wet film – dielectric anti corrosion lubricant Made for Industry

MarineExtremely resistant to salt water. Corrosion proof mechanical, electrical and electronics, steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum... Read More

AgricultureRepels moisture.  Does not attract dust and dirt.  Dielectric to 40,000 volts.  Sticks to metal like a magnet.  Long lasting.  High pressure lubricant. Read More

Food processingApproved for food processing, food service and food retail equipment and facilities.  Waterproof electrical and electronics. Read More

“Ultimate in moisture and corrosion protection”

Ship-2-Shore wet film products are:

  • Environment friendly, user safe and easy to use
  • Safe for electrical, electronics and circuit boards
  • Available in two formulations and floatcoat

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Some more of the many applications for Ship-2-Shore wet films...