Protect your farming and irrigation equipment.

Farming today is big business. Although equipment has come a long way over the past century allowing for increased production, producers understand better than anyone the impact that mother nature can have on the bottom line. Over time, rust and corrosion caused by exposure to extreme weather wreaks havoc on equipment, resulting in expensive maintenance costs and untimely breakdowns. Despite all of society’s modern advances, producers remain largely at the mercy of mother nature. Fortunately, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime is one thing that producers can control. S2S offers an extensive line of corrosion preventive solutions specially formulated to protect problem areas such as farm equipment, sprayers, sprinkler systems, nozzles, conveyor belts, augers and dairy machinery.

S2S products prevent corrosion caused by dissimilar metals and have dielectric properties that enable them to shut down electrolysis. They penetrate deep and polar bond to metal, like a magnet to steel, creating a thin, protective, long lasting barrier that displaces water and oxygen. Safe and easy-to-use, they require no sandblasting and can be applied over existing rust and paint.

Originally formulated for marine environments, S2S products are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    5 in 1 Anti-Corrosion Wipes

    Automotive Rust Proofing

    Corrosion Shield

    HD Corrosion Shield

    PLID Wrap Anti-Corrosion Tape

    Wire Rope Corrosion Control