Ship-2-Shore Anti Corrosion Products

Ship-2-Shore dielectric anti corrosion thin film products.  The ultimate in moisture and anti corrosion protection!

Advanced fluid thin film technology out performs any corrosion preventor, rust converter or grease.  Made for Industry.

Anti corrosion wet film coatings that don't crack, chip or peel.  Do not attract dust or dirt.  Do not become "gummy".  Highly resistant to salt water marine environment, salt water and salt spray.  Stop rust, corrosion and electrolysis 100%.  Industry Canada approved and listed.  Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard Service proven.  Ship-2-Shore products are available in two formulations and specialty float coat method


Ship-2-Shore PLID Thin film

"Thin Film".  Highly penetrative, dielectric corrosion resistant coating.  Exceptional adhesion - like a "magnet to steel".  Excellent high pressure lubricant.  Stop corrosion and shut down electrolysis between dissimilar metals - dielectric 40,000 volts.  Product is non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-toxic.  Does not attract dust and dirt.  Low VOC's.  Industry Canada approved, Navy and Coast Guard proven.

  • Available in Aerosol spray and bulk liquid sizes
  • Ideal for electrical, electronics, circuit boards, lighting, motors, machinery...

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Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick film

"Thick Film".  Long lasting, heavy duty, dielectric, anti corrosion thin film coating.  Forms a long lasting shield against salt water and other corrosive environments.  Exceptional adhesion resists splash, spray and complete submersion.  Shuts down corrosion and electrolysis 100% - dielectric 9800 volts.  Product is non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-toxic.  Low VOC's.  Does not attract dust and dirt.

  • Convenient 6 oz spray can.  Available in bulk liquid sizes
  • Safe for electrical, electronics, control boards.  Ideal for vessels, anchor chain, wire rope and cable, agriculture, heavy equipment, off-shore structures, industrial, mining, vehicle rust preventive undercoat...

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Float Coat - PLID Wet Film

Product can be floated, material only or with water to fill and coat interior of voids, tanks, rudders, etc.  Excellent anti corrosion properties.  Shuts down electrolysis.  Long lasting, penetrating film displaces moisture and heavily rusted surfaces.  Sticks to base metal like a magnet.

Unique attraction and adhesion properties ensure all metal surface is coated.  Lasts 3 to 4 years.  Thermally stable and a high flash point.  Product is non-hazardous and non-toxic.  Does not attract dust and dirt.  Can be applied to damp surfaces.  Low VOC's.  Dielectric to 40,000 volts.  Industry Canada approved.  Navy and Coast Guard proven.

  • Voids, spaces, coffer dams, rudder voids, bilge keel, double hull voids, on all types of vessels
  • Voids, spaces and coffer dams on offshore oil platforms and drilling support vessels, legs of offshore platforms
  • Approved under government design spec MILR-21006 (Ships) Navy Ballast Tank Protective Coating Specification

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